2. About Us

About Us

Message from Chairman

渡辺 秀明
Defense Technology Foundation
Chairman Dr. Hideaki Watanabe

Contribute to strengthening our nation's defense technology capabilities

  The Defense Technology Foundation (DTF) has published the Defense Technology Journal, a monthly information magazine on defense technology, which is subscribed to by the Ministry of Defense, other relevant ministries and agencies, defense-related companies, and many people interested in defense technology. In addition, DTF has 6 technical fields of research subcommittees to exchange information among member companies, conduct surveys of technological trends overseas, and hold technical reports. Furthermore, DTF gives the Defense Technology Seminar to which expert speakers were invited. Along with the research, studies, and services DTF has provided to the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, DTF will also assist the defense community in addressing the shortage of highly skilled personnel to handle a diverse and expanding workforce.

  In February 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted Japan, along with several other countries around the world, to reinforce its defense efforts. By the end of 2022, the National Security Council and the Ministry of Defense had reviewed three security-related documents of the country. In these documents, it has been emphasized that strengthening the defense technology base and the accompanying public-private partnerships are crucial. In June 2023, the Ministry of Defense issued the Defense Technology Guidelines, which outline the technologies that the Ministry will prioritize in the future. DTF will work to improve Japan's defense technology capabilities in alignment with these timely and important guidelines.

Main Business and Activities

1. Publish monthly magazine "Defense Technology Journal" 

     To disseminate knowledge on defense technologies,

  • A monthly magazine publishing articles on defense-related technologies and topics written by experts in various fields
  • Compilation and publication of technical books on defense technology, such as the Defense Technology Selection Book
       *These magazines are written in Japanese.
1. 協会誌「防衛技術ジャーナル」の発行等
1. 協会誌「防衛技術ジャーナル」の発行等

2. Organize Lectures and Seminars

New Year Seminar

    To promote defense technology R&D and to disseminate knowledge in this field,

  • Defense technology lectures and seminars for researchers, and engineers in government organizations and private sectors
  • Conducting education, courses, and training related to defense technology
  • Consultation concerned with  defense technology R&D

3. Research Subcommittee

    DTF works with public and private engineers to improve defense tech via six research subcommittees to improve defense technology by promoting mutual  enlightenment, between public and private sector engineers.

  • Research and study defense technology from practical and technical viewpoints
  • Gathering and examining defense technology data from foreign countries
Subcommittee Members Society / Conference
Underwater Defense Technology Research Committee 22 •UDT (Undersea Defense Technology)
•MAST (Maritime / Air Space Technology)
Defense Unmanned Vehicle Research Committee 29 •AUVSI (the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International)
Defense Helicopter Research Committee 13 •VFS (the Vertical Flight Society)
•ERF (the European Rotorcraft Forum)
Human Protection System Research Committee 12 •CBRNe Convergence
•AUSA (Association of the United States Army)
EO/IR/MM-wave Sensing Technology Research Committee 34 •SPIE (the International Society for Optics and Photonics) 
Electronic Warfare and Radar Research Committee 27 •AOC (the Association of Old Crows)

overseas survey team

overseas survey team

lecture for the subcommittee

lecture for the subcommittee

4. Human Resources support for engineering

     With the assistance of JMoD,

  • Provision of necessary technology and maintenance of research facilities
  • Research and study defense technology

Founding Information

List of documents related to conpliance and founding information are as follows.   *Japanese only

1. Articles of an Association

2. Executive and Officers 

3. Balance Sheet

4. Business Plan

5.  budget for income and expenditure


1980 Established as the Japan Defense Technology Association
1981 Began publication of "Defense Technology"
1993 "Defense Technology" was renewed in "Defense Technology Journal" and began publication.
2012 Changed to a general incorporated foundation


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